design and manufacture in the heart of Europe, deliveries throughout Europe

The values of coocoon

Safe and free beginnings

Notre gamme de tables à langer et plans à langer sécurisés et naturels a été pensée et étudiée pour offrir aux bébés non seulement de la sécurité mais aussi de la liberté pendant leur première année de vie.

Our range of secure changing toppers and changing tables has been designed and studied to offer babies not only safety but also freedom during their first year of life. Each child develops motor skills throughout the day, provided of course that the conditions are favorable. Take bodily care: it is important to allow the baby to participate with the adult in the nappy changing ritual, undressing and dressing, in comfort, ease, safety, interaction and pleasure.

During the nappy change, parents talk to their baby, explain their actions, and invite the baby to participate. Baby is curious and active in its spontaneous bodily responses. However, as soon as the baby moves, the parent retains the baby and limits its movement initiatives. Why? Because on either side of the changing table or changing topper there is usually a void. The result is a constrained baby and a concerned parent, taking away pleasure from such a privileged moment. It is precisely to offer a partnership of pure pleasure between baby and parent during the change that we have created coocoon, allowing the baby to be both contained and safe, at ease and free to move.

An ideal nappy changing environment for babies offering security and freedom simultaneously! 

The best of nature for your baby

Bébé passe de nombreuses heures sur la table à langer et il est donc primordial que l'environnement de change soit le plus naturel possible. Chez coocoon, tous nos plans à langer et tables à langer sont fabriqués en bois naturel de bouleau.

The ritual of changing baby can be repeated up to 10 times a day during the first months of life. To this are added the moments of care and dressing. Your baby spends many hours on the changing table and it is therefore essential to ensure that the changing environment is as natural as possible.

At coocoon, all our furniture is made of birch wood, so we guarantee furniture free of MDF or other chipboard panels. We also only use natural vegetable based oils and paints for the finishes.

Your little one is wrapped by nature during each nappy changing ritual.

Respectul and sustainable production

At coocoon, it is important to us to maintain a production that respects nature. For this we are committed to producing locally, on a small scale, and using raw materials from Europe. We are also committed to doing everything possible to generate as little waste as possible during our production. We produce to order and thus avoid huge quantities of packaging associated with storage in a warehouse. By producing only what is necessary, we guarantee a responsible production.

Nos plans et tables à langer à bords surélevés sont produits en bois naturel de bouleau provenant d'Europe, la finition est naturelle et l'assemblage facile! La production de nos planches à langer est locale et responsable.

A local production in the heart of Europe

During our quest to find a manufacturer for the production of our changing toppers and tables, it was important for us to ally ourselves with a trusted partner, sharing the values of coocoon: safety and respect for nature. We had the chance to meet Olivier, a woodworker, who accompanied us in the innovative design of our changing tables and toppers. Not only does Olivier manufacture coocoon furniture with passion and precision, he also guarantees a local and sustainable production in a socially and environmentally responsible workshop in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.