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The story of coocoon

A family story

Conception unique de tables à langer et plans à langer sécurisés et naturels pour le change de bébé. The story of coocoon is a family story. The project to develop secure changing tables and toppers was born on a beautiful summer day, when at the height of her 3 months, our darling began to discover the joy of turning from her back to her tummy and vice versa. Whether on the bed, in the living room and even on the changing table, our baby obviously had no notion of the danger that can be involved in turning over from a high surface. But we did.
From there begins a quest to secure the changing table. After much research in childcare stores and on the internet, it was impossible to find a solution to secure our baby when changing her nappies. Indeed, all the changing tables and toppers available on the market have very low edges, of maximum 5cm when a changing mat is installed. Much too low to hold a baby during a somersault attempt during the change. The result is a very upset baby because constantly being asked to stay on the back and nervous parents in fear of the baby falling.

Nappy changing being the most frequent ritual of all the rituals that animates a baby's life, we persevere in our search for a safe nappy changing solution. 

Conception innovante de table de change sécurisée avec des bords surélevés pour sécuriser bébé lors du change
Since we were unable to find what we looking for, we decided to develop the concept ourselves! We called a woodworker with whom we conceptualize a tailor-made solution: a changing table with raised edges to secure baby. Our first prototype was born and we were delighted! Not only is safety guaranteed, but also practicality and elegance! 

As for our darling, she immediately adopts her new changing nest, she clearly feels at ease there, and so do we. She discovers with great joy this new space which allows her to be free to discover the new movements of her body while being safe. The nappy changing becomes a moment of pure pleasure and exchange, in all serenity.

From this tailor-made design arises a real desire to share our solution with other young parents. The idea is transformed into a project and coocoon is born!

Who are we?

Gamme unique de tables à langer et plans à langer sécurisés et naturels pour le change de bébé. Nos plans et tables à langer à bords surélevés sont produits en bois naturel de bouleau provenant d'Europe, la finition est naturelle et l'assemblage facile! La production de nos planches à langer est locale et responsable.

A mom and a dad who have been discovering parenthood since April 2020. A duo that grows as a team, with a little one tall as three apples that guides our inspiration.

Creative and dreamy dad, analytical and operational mum, both join forces to provide a different and unique nappy changing experience for all parents.

Freedom, safety and respect are the values that animate our days as young parents and which are at the heart of everything we do at coocoon. We invite you to browse the page dedicated to the philosophy of coocoon to learn more about our values.