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Our 5 tips for a calm and cheerful nappy changing moment

It's very common that our little ones are not thrilled at the thought of the nappy change. They struggle, resist, kick. Does this also happen to you? Don't panic, this is completely normal.

But why is that? Because from a young age, our babies perceive this as an interruption of what they are doing, whether it is a great activity with mum, reading a book with dad or even just when baby wakes up peacefully in bed. The transition can be difficult for them because they don't understand why they have to stop the fun activity they are doing or why they have to change environment.

We therefore offer you 5 tips to smooth this transition and make the nappy changing experience a moment of pure happiness:

1. Anticipate when to change your baby's nappy and help your baby feel in control

It is important to include your little one in the nappy change process and to always inform your baby beforehand. For example, you can simply point out that the nappy is wet and that you will be changing it soon. When your baby is older you can also give the following choice: would you rather have your nappy changed now or have a few extra minutes of play? This gives your baby the impression that s/he is the one making the decision to be changed. Telling your little one what you're going to do right before you do it is a great way to get them involved and help them feel a little more in control.

2. Take your time

Babies feed on the emotions of their environment; if you seem in a hurry and nervous, your baby will be more likely to object to a nappy change. So even when your little one is testing your patience to the limit or having a temper tantrum, take a deep breath and try to stay calm and cheerful throughout the changing ritual. Nappy changing is a great moment to take the time to connect with your child as it presents a few uninterrupted minutes of close contact.

3. Explain your actions

Talk to your child about each step of the nappy change and name the different parts of his body. Not only will s/he be distracted and focused on what you are explaining, it is also a great learning moment. In addition, as your baby grows, s/he will feel more in control because s/he can anticipate the different stages of the nappy changing ritual. When s/he's older, don't hesitate to involve her/him more by asking him to help you and giving small tasks.

4. Make your baby laugh

This is a very simple yet really effective technique! As a parent, you know very well what makes your little one laugh, so don’t hesitate to act like a clown. Laughter minimizes stress levels and increases connection with your baby. In order to switch from a wrestling match to a time of collaboration, make your little one laugh for a few minutes between the moment you lay her/him down and the moment you start undressing her/him. This will help your baby associate the nappy change experience with a moment of pleasure.

Everything is indeed a question of perception. When you are excited to share an intimate moment with your little angel, s/he will experience these same emotions and tend to be much more relaxed.

5. Keep some toys handy

There will be days when the various tips described above will not work, when baby is teething, sick, or quite simply when baby wakes up in a bad mood.

To be prepared for these times, don't hesitate to keep a few toys that your baby doesn't usually play with in a basket close to the changing area. This way, your baby can rediscover these toys with interest every time. As soon as baby starts to fuss, offer her/him one toy at a time.

In conclusion,

  1. Anticipate the nappy changing moment
  2. Take your time
  3. Explain your actions
  4. Make your baby laugh
  5. Keep some toys handy

We hope you enjoyed this article and we wish you a lot of happiness during each nappy changing ritual. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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