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Our 4 tips for an ecological nappy change

When you become a parent, you want the best for your baby. This is an opportunity to choose natural and ecological products and to adopt healthy habits for the health of your child and for the respect of the environment. In this article, we offer you our 4 tips for an eco-friendly change!

1. Choose reusable wipes

To clean your baby, the best is to avoid disposable wipes, which are a disaster for the environment. In addition, their composition usually contains preservatives and fragrances that can irritate your baby's skin or even cause allergies. The best solution is ultimately the simplest: simply clean your baby with washable wipes and water.

2. Choose reusable nappies

From birth to three years, an average of 5,000 baby nappies are used! An undeniable impact on the planet. So, let’s say yes to reusable and washable nappies. There are many solutions in terms of reusable nappies which not only have the advantage of being ecological but also economical! These are made from natural, chemical-free, and absorbent materials. You can either buy reusable nappy kits or rent them.

3. Use natural products 

It is not necessary to use 5 different products for the change of baby. Indeed, water and soap (Aleppo soap for example) are more than enough to clean your baby. You can also try oleo-calcareous liniment. This product is made from vegetable oil (usually olive oil) and lime water. This will clean your baby's bottom gently and will deposit a film on the skin to protect it from irritation due to the acidity of the pee. By choosing natural products, you have the guarantee of products without preservatives, without perfumes and without colorants.

4. Make your own products

Some products are very easy to make at home, especially liniment! You will then have a refined version of the product since only two ingredients are enough. Indeed, you just need to mix the same amount of olive oil and lime water. You will find the latter in pharmacies. Before each use, mix your bottle of liniment well. The homemade preparation will keep for about a month.

In conclusion,

  1. Choose reusable wipes
  2. Say yes to reusable nappies
  3. Use natural products
  4. Make your own products

What about you? Have you already tried other tips for a more ecological baby change? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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